How Often Should I Detox?

This is a really good question because if you detox for too long or too often you can loss valuable nutrients along with the toxins and leave your body depleted.
For this reason, experts do not recommend doing a ‘full on’ cleanse were you restrict your diet for more than 2 to 4 times a year.
There are also times in your life where detoxing is either not beneficial or should be done under medical guidance.
Examples of this is when you are pregnant or breastfeeding and need to have enough nutrition to support another little person.
Or if you’re recovering from an illness and need to build your body up. 
Diabetics also need to be careful of detoxing because they require a steady supply of energy. 
If you are ill, it is advisable to seek medical supervision for any detoxification process.
These are the some of the most important pointers when undergoing a detox cleanse. This is especially true if you use it in conjunction with a healthy, but not restricted diet.
Boosting the amount of fibre in your diet, both soluble (draws toxins out into digestive tract) and insoluble (encourages them to be eliminated)Providing foods that soothe, heal and keep the gut lining healthy.Supplying many of the vitamins and minerals through high quality health supplements and natural foods that our hungry livers require to carry out the process of detoxification.Lastly, by providing prebiotic and probiotic foods and supplements that encourage a healthy gut flora.
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